National Neighborhood Watch

A Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

Crime prevention through neighborhood cohesiveness and collaboration.




In response to the call to involve more Americans in neighborhood safety and security, the National Sheriffs’ Association has produced a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH TOOLKIT. The Toolkit provides numerous resources for law enforcement and community members working with Neighborhood Watch groups whether starting, revitalizing, or enhancing existing programs.

Topics addressed in the Neighborhood Watch Toolkit include:

  • Neighborhood Watch Basics
  • Volunteer Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnerships
  • Planning and Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Target Hardening
  • Reporting Suspicious Activities
  • Observation Skills

The Toolkit contains helpful aids and training programs including:

  • Six CDs offering self-paced PowerPoint training aids law enforcement or community members can work through to build Neighborhood Watch related skills:
  • Law enforcement and community facilitator guides
  • Participant handbooks
  • Five colorful, user-friendly posters
  • Law enforcement and community guides to Neighborhood Watch
  • Flipbooks on effective meetings, teamwork, and target hardening for the home