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National Criminal Justice Resource Service

National Criminal Justice Resource Service is a federally-funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. National Criminal Justice Resource Service services and resources are available to anyone interested in crime and public safety including policymakers, practitioners, researchers, educators, community leaders, and the general public.

National Criminal Justice Resource Service offers extensive reference and referral services to answer your questions about crime and justice-related research, policy, and practice. Staff can offer statistics and referrals, discuss publications, compile information packages, search for additional resources, and provide other technical assistance.

Relevant Publications

School Safety: By the Numbers [Nov. 2017]

A Theory-Driven Algorithm for Real-Time Crime Hot Spot Forecasting [Oct. 2017]

Vision 21: Law Enforcement and the Communities They Serve [June 2017]

Innovations in Community Based Crime Reduction [Feb. 2017]

An Evaluation of a Community-Based Program to Counter Violent Extremism Leads to New Measures of Effectiveness That Could Aid Future Evaluations [Jan. 2017]

The Challenge and Promise of Using Community Policing Strategies to Prevent Violent Extremism: A Call for Community Partnerships with Law Enforcement to Enhance Public Safety, Final Report [Jan. 2016]

Homeland Security in Small Law Enforcement Agencies: Preparedness and Proximity to Big-City Peers [Dec. 2014]

Long-Term Effects of Law Enforcement’s Post-9/11 Focus on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security [Dec. 2010]

Local Law Enforcement Responds to Terrorism Lessons in Prevention and Preparedness [April 2002]

OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery [Sept. 2001]

Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment: A Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement Officials [Jan. 2000]

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