National Neighborhood Watch

A Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

Crime prevention through neighborhood cohesiveness and collaboration.


Blog Tips

  1. Find a respectable blog provider, is a respectable site
  2. Select the “Create Your Blog Now” button
  3. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one by completing the form on the page (not all require this), if you do have a Google account, sign in
  4. Enter the Blog Title and Blog Address in the spaces provided (using the same username as your Facebook group and Twitter account would be helpful)
  5. Select a template and/or color scheme for your blog
  6. You can now start writing content, click Start Posting to begin
  7. Publish your blog by sending the URL to your friends and fellow Neighborhood Watch members via email or Facebook

An easy way to keep everyone involved and informed is to mention the Neighborhood Watch’s blog URL, Facebook group name, and Twitter username on all three sites.