National Neighborhood Watch – a Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

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Neighborhood Watch NOW

The next generation in community crime defense.  With this new tool, watch members can record evidence to a secure server via the ICE BlackBox mobile app.  These recordings are visible on the Neighborhood Watch Now Portal.  Emergency recordings can notify your emergency contacts and local watch captain.  Eventually, participating law enforcement agencies will have the ability to see these recording when the Call 911 button is pressed.  Imagine having law enforcement dispatched within seconds to your emergency while you are explaining your emergency to the 911 operator.  This system is not a replacement for 911 services, rather an advance notice to law enforcement to respond faster and to increase deputy/officer safety.

Click here for the Neighborhood Watch NOW Portal


Logo_5_ed_FINAL_Square_512x512 copy.pngThe Mobile App is powered by ICE BlackBox and is available from your App Store. Search for ICE BlackBox to install it.





Announce to criminals that your neighborhood is on alert and ready to put crime on ICE. 

Lawn signs, street signs and stickers can be purchased here.



For more information regarding ICE BlackBox, call (703) 436-5885.