National Neighborhood Watch – a Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

Crime prevention through neighborhood cohesiveness and collaboration.


Disc One: Community Presentation

  • Curriculums:

    • Creating Awareness and Maintaining Momentum: This course features a wealth of information on recruiting new volunteers and creating an awareness of the Neighborhood Watch program. The presentation addresses various types of leadership styles and the roles that comprise Neighborhood Watch.
    • Teamwork: The teamwork curriculum is designed to assist citizens with fundamentals on working together to achieve common goals. Reaching consensus and cooperating with others are featured topics of this course.
    • Forming Successful Partnerships: In this course, volunteers will learn skills that they can utilize to reach out to other civic, social and service organizations in an effort to expand their partnership activities.
    • Planning Effective Meetings: This course on how to plan and conduct effective meetings covers logistics, agenda, staying on track, and handling disagreements.
    • Observation Skills: Observation skills teaches citizens what to observe, how to observe, and pointers for observing individuals and their surroundings.
    • Reporting Suspicious Activities: Reporting Suspicious Activities presents information on how to properly report, as well as what to report and when.
    • Target Hardening: Target Hardening teaches a specific methodology on how to evaluate homes for security, and general information on how to make our neighborhoods safer and more secure.
  • Tools and Templates:

    • NW Community Contact Numbers Form
    • Creating Awareness
      • Meeting Announcement Sample - pdf format
      • Meeting Announcement Sample - Word document
      • Phone Tree Handout
    • Teamwork
      • Teamwork Poster
      • Teamwork Flipbook
    • Strategic Planning
      • Visions Worksheet
      • Mission Statement Worksheet
      • Action Steps Worksheet
      • Goals and Objectives Flowchart
      • Strategic Planning Pyramid Handout
      • Strategic Planning Poster
    • Forming Successful Partnerships
      • MOU Agreement Template - pdf format
      • MOU Agreement Template - Word document
      • MOU Checklist - pdf format
      • MOU Checklist - Word document
    • Planning Effective Meetings
      • Planning Meetings Flipbook
    • Observation Skills
      • Observation Tips Visor Placard
      • Observation Notes Form
    • Reporting Suspicious Activities
      • Reporting Pinwheel
    • Target Hardening for the Home
      • Target Hardening Flipbook
      • Target Hardening Safety Changes Form
      • Lighting Audit

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